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Parimal means the “Fragrance”. We wish to spread Fragrance of varied Nature Healing practices.
This is conceived not as a commercial project.
PHV establishment is designed in order to provide the services of Institute of Life Sciences at the minimal & affordable tariff to the members.(PHV).
Here the services of Institute of Life Sciences are reinforced or complimented with units to ensure Holistic Health Services ~ Sampurna Aarogya
Concentrating to reintroduce Holistic Life Style amidst virgin nature.
A sincere attempt to establish a locality with latest amenities keeping the Ancient wisdom intact.
Want to pursue a creed and strategy of the Maha Upanishad, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is an extension of the concept of ancient Indian Tradition and wisdom.
Perfect blend of Modern Amenities with ancient traditional lifestyle
PHV encompasses following units with specific purpose.
• Institute of Life Sciences
• Multi-dimensional Holistic Health Club
• Holistic Health Village
• Peripheral complimentary units
• Salient Features
• Facilities for Corporate
• Corporate Health Programmes