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cross globe, but this Health Club conceived is with a different aim.
Club ensures to take care of our member’s health all throughout the tenure.
Club assures of follow up and suggest the best steps to maintain good health.
It is envisaged to have different Nature Cure Parlors under one roof.
There will be surveillance / supervision of individual experts.
Continued monitoring of health for registered members
Different Faculties Different Faculties with Expert’s advice & Treatments on various nature cure techniques – namely
• Oriental Medicine
• Naturopathy
• Homeopathy
• Hydro Therapies
• Massage
• Yoga
• Ayurved
• Panchkarma
• Sauna Bath
• Steam Bath
• Mud Bath
• Spa
• Gym
• Swimming Pools
• Trained Attendants for each faculty
• Personalised attention
• Effective record building and follow-up
Corporate Health Programmes
• Different Custom built Health Programmes for common people & also for Corporate employees.
• Different Modules Ranging:
• Two Days,
• Five Days
• Custom built especially designed Two weeks to Twelve Weeks.