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Nisargopachar Propogation Trust is the brain child of philanthropist Mr. Sadanand S. Bondre, an Engineer & Project Management Professional. Mr. Bondre has served renowned organisations in different capacities during his engineering career spanning from 1970 to 2014.


Even as a student, he had been involved in philanthropic activities and his passion only increased over the years. Inspired by a family friend, he experienced the medicinal properties of the household materials used in daily routine. His interest thrived further from household materials to Bio-chemic to Homeopathy. Finally, he found his niche in Oriental Medicine. In 1988, he went through formal initial training in Reflexology & part of Shiatsu.


However, he obtained accurate training and detailed knowledge of the subject and different techniques from Dr. Laxman N. Kurulkar, an MBBS – Radiologist and staunch believer in Oriental Medicine Principles and Yoga. His spiritual learnings have led him to this humanitarian path and he has adhered to his motto of offering selfless free service to all.


In the year 1992, a small dedicated group of ten learnt the art of healing and started providing treatment to patients. It was only in 1996, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mr. Dada Karnik, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) who provided premises free of costs which enabled large number of patients get benefit of treatment.


BVB is a towering institution in itself. It has blessings of all great sons of India. It carries on its chosen work in a spirit of humbleness, dedication and patriotic fervor under the principles defined by the founder Mr. Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshi. Since 1996, the organization has always been supporting Mr. Bondre in the role of a patron. It is rightly said, “Blessed are those who are in the company of those blessed.”


The increase in activities and the number of patients can be attributed to the immense response from society. Mr. Bondre’s thirst for innovation has kept him evolving and improving the various techniques. His ability to cure became well known by the word of mouth across India and even overseas. Under Mr. Bondre’s guidance, the Trust developed a unique approach in the treatment procedure. It started using combined applications of different alternate and complementary techniques & practices in judicious mix to provide synergetic effect – faster relief and cure to patients.


While practicing it was observed that number of practitioners following these lines of treatment globally confirm good results but there exists very little share of knowledge, communication, exchange of thoughts or even awareness of each other.


In order to overcome these constraints the Nisargopachar Propogation Trust (NPT) under the able guidance of Mr. S S Bondre conceived a dream project which will enable the practitioners throughout the country and globally, enrich their experience and knowledge under one banner “Institute of Life Sciences” (ILS).


This Institute will ultimately help this science to enhance its acceptance worldwide and pave its path for better Holistic Health Care for future generations.

The Parimal Health Valley (PHV) was conceived to commercially support the primary cause – the services of ILS.