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Over the years, in the race to attain speedy relief from body disorders, modern techniques were applied, but in the process, Ancient Treasure of Nature Cure & its Wisdom was ignored.
Our ancestors treasured know how on Sampurna Arogya (Holistic Health) using nature itself taking Body, Mind and Soul as one unit.
Oriental Medicine Principles encompass and preserve this wisdom totally.
Different mediums are available to exercise these principles.
Acupressure / Shiatsu is completely non-invasive but effective & responsive.
Oriental Medicine Principles through Acupressure medium is
• A regularizing Technique
• Very effective on System Disorders
• Non-invasive & totally external mode of treatment.
• Gives quick & lasting Motor Recovery.
• Either initiates, or accelerates, or enhances process of natural healing.
• Restore body close to homeostasis.
• Has effect on “Body”, “Mind” and “Spirit” together.
• Has no “Side Effects”, “After effects”, or “Ill effects”