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Facilities beyond Residential, few are enlisted:
Swimming Pools
Mini Hospital on Wheels for emergency & to serve Rural Sector around
Recreation Institute
Auditorium, Conference Hall & Rooms


Golden Dust Retreat

Facility for Senior Citizens
• Most compatible & comfortable alternative for Senior Citizens.
• Second innings with dignity.
• Suits the couples most.
• Vegetarian Seasonal & Satvik Food facility available.
• Social interaction among the same age groups feasible.
• Facility for visiting kin’s.
• Can avail facilities in the campus.
• Free to have their life on their terms within the rules & regulations in campus.
• Limitations on capacity.
Home Away from Home
• All efforts to make living ~ a home away from home feel
• Also suitable for people of any age group and beyond 55.
• Sharing basis also available
• Holiday homes ~ “Ashiana” at reasonable price • Different schemes available
• Recreation facilities available
• Ample scope for building life constructive
Parimal Shanti Niketan
• Residential facility for especially in consideration to Corporate requirements